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Selling your home is not a simple as listing it in MLS and putting a sign in the yard. Making sure potential buyers see your home in its best light is of the utmost importance, and many other real estate agents fall short of that task. I have the formula to make sure your home sells quickly and at the right price.

Nowadays, most people begin their home search online. Your home's online presence is a major factor in the amount of showings that get scheduled. I only use professional photography for my listing photos. No cell phone camera pictures here! Before the pictures are even taken, we will go through your home to "clean and declutter," so your home's best attributes are the focus and not your aging magazine collection.

Placing your home in the proper position on the market is also essential for a quick and easy sell. Price your home too high, and you won't get many showings or receive any offers. Price the home too low and you leave money on the table. I follow selling trends, and examine the market in great detail to ensure your homes sells for top dollar and at the right time.

Properly marketing your home so it is seen by as many potential buyers as possible is another key aspect to your selling your home. By listing with me, your home will be shown on over 200 websites and will also have its own personal website and URL. I directly mail postcards to your surrounding neighborhoods, owners of homes who may be looking to upgrade into your home from their current one, and to my long list of real estate investors. I also email blast to thousands of agents and vendors in the area. Everyone will know your home is available and how wonderful it looks!

Contact me today to schedule our first meeting and tour of your home and let me show you what I can do for you!!!!

Discount Listing Packages Available!!!

Is your budget tight and just getting your home in the MLS the only thing you care about? Well I have options available to you, where I can list your home for as little as 4% commission!!!